Celebrating 50 Years!

Suther’s, a second generation family owned livestock nutrition company, is  focused on identifying OPPORTUNTIES and providing SOLUTIONS for our customers' SUCCESS. 

Starting in 1963 with portable grinder mixers, Melvin Suther, founder of Suther Feeds Inc. launched the idea of identifying OPPORTUNITIES.   Suther’s was started with the notion of selling nutritional supplements while grinding complete feed rations on the farms and ranches of North East Kansas.   A new idea at the time.  Though the supplements have changed and the need for supplying portable grinder mixers has passed the SPIRIT of identifying OPPORTUNTIES  is alive and flourishing at Suther’s.  This spirit now involves thousands of customers and a team of nutrition professionals in 6 states with feed manufacturing in 18 locations including the primary facility in Frankfort, Ks. 

Building a business focused on “Customer SUCCESS” requires a team of nutrition professionals to advise customers with leading edge SOLUTIONS in nutrition, production, and management practices.   Suther’s team of professionals are on-site implementing and measuring success throughout.  It is easy to say People make the difference,  rest assured Suther’s nutritional advisors are not just People, they are professionals, professionals that provide SOLUTIONS specific to your operations bottom line.

SUCCESS can be measured in many ways, for Suther’s SUCCESS is measured by our customers;  in their terms on their operation.   

A customers' comments on SUCCESS:

To all of you at Suther's

Thanks for everything you people are doing. I know that you do this because you need to keep us in business to keep yourselves in business, but you all continue to amaze me as to what lengths you go to. You are even trying to educate a bunch of guys without them knowing it, and I think you're succeeding. Bringing Ron Plain to speak at the meeting was fantastic. We may lose some of our producers in the future, but it will not be from your lack of trying to keep everyone's head up.

Thanks Again,