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Keeping Cattle on Grass


Looking at ways to keep cattle in the pasture longer to maximize the most affordable resource is more than like the dream of many of us.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if grazing could be done for upwards of 300 days.  Well there are strategies that the University of Arkansas have evaluated to keep cattle on pasture longer.  This system maximizes forage opportunities while protecting pasture quality. Within this system planning is everything.  Knowing what conditions will be like 2 months from now are always hard to tell, but using the law of averages we can predetermine what it should be like and have a set of contingency plans in place.

The 300 Days of Grazing program uses intensive grazing strategies, and stockpiling of forages.  These practices coupled with the proper  application of fertilizer (if applicable) can drastically reduce the need for purchased feed.  This program does require a little more time and effort to use, however, the best part is that it can be fully customized to suit your needs.  You have the options to pick and choose what practices would work for your operation.  The biggest aspect of the system that cannot be overlooked is the planning ahead.  Now after the past two years generating a plan to avert catastrophe is most often the best way to keep stress levels lowered.

For more information about these practices contact your Suther’s representative and we will be more than glad to assist you.

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