Cattle Feeding

Feeding cattle requires experience, attention to detail, some good fortune and a Suther’s Five Star Plan.


1. Diet Management 

  • Professional oversight in these areas:
    • Cost-effective formulations
    • Processing and mixing efficiency
    • Accuracy and precision of feed delivery 
  • Suther’s representatives utilize multiple tools, such as proprietary calculators to determine the effective cost of nutrients, best-cost formulation software, proprietary lab analyses packages and matrix-based mixing analyses to manage our client’s diets.

2. Performance Management

  • Focused on continuous measurement and benchmarking actual  performance against projections.  Suther’s representatives utilize:
    • Experience & proven software to create performance projections
    • Repeated/Scheduled onsite visits
    •  Analysis of ingredient stability, cattle quality and environmental conditions
    • Monitoring of feed consumption and historical performance


3. Financial Management

  • Suther’s offers in-house commodity sourcing, access to proprietary cattle procurement programs and target feeding protocols to enhance our client’s potential profitability and long-term success.

4. Environmental Management

  • Suther’s representatives use onsite visits to monitor environmental conditions and identify potentially hazardous practices or conditions that may positively or negatively impact their feeding performance.  In addition, clients have access to ingredient selection and feeding strategies to manage nutrient loads and promote an environment conducive to increased feeding performance.

5. Information Management

    • We strive to provide our clients with the most current information, strategies, additives and technologies that are applicable and available for their success.