Showtime is a finishing pellet that is formulated for lean conformation as genetically competent show swine develop from 150 lbs. to show weight.


  • Lean Accretion Nutrient Profile

      Showtime C100 Showtime PL
    Crude Protein 18.5% 22.0%
    Lysine 1.15% 1.40%
    Crude Fat 4.0% 3.30%
    Lys:Cal Ratio 3.5:1 4.2:1
    KCAL/lb 1503  

  • Chlortetracycline or PayleanTM 9g/ton) Medicated


  • High lean growth
  • High muscle development
  • Flexibility to manipulate and adjust growth rates
  • Flexibility to properly apply the PayleanTM technology

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