The Suther Difference



Suther’s livestock nutrition professionals will make a difference in your operation. Our growing team of advisors combine years of nutrition experience with a relentless work ethic to improve the success of your operation. How can I help is job one with our team when they are onsite and learning about your business. Furthermore the job doesn’t end with the purchase of a feed product or the outcome of a consultation.  Our people are onsite implementing and measuring your success throughout. It is easy to say People make the difference,  rest assured Suther’s nutritional advisors are not just People they are professionals. Professionals driven to increase your operations Return on Investment (ROI).

  • Raising your Return on Investment: 

    • Our commitment is to enhance the return on investment for your livestock operation.   How is this done?  It starts with identifying OPPORTUNITIES.  Walking  your pens, testing your feed ingredients, making sound nutritional recommendations, they all represent our commitment.  This commitment allows us to provide you SOLUTIONS based advice specific to your operation’s bottom line.   
    • Measure our impact to your operation, we want to be the nutritional experts you hire when making a greater return on your operation is the goal.
  • Onsite Assessment and Consultation:

    • Our year-round onsite visits and personal consultation show our commitment to earn your trust as a nutrition advisor.   We work with you identify OPPORTUNITES, bring SOLUTIONS and measure SUCCESS.  Onsite observation and performance monitoring allow our professionals to proactively identify obstacles/challenges and provide customized SOLUTIONS. 
    • It’s one thing to be a problem identifier it’s another to be a problem solver.   Suther’s team of nutrition advisors are problem solvers.
  • Services and Programs:

    • Helping your business run more profitably.   Suther’s select services and tools are designed to enhance your bottom line. 
      • Direct LInk Cattle marketing and procurement services
      • Swine Marketing Network
      • Feed Commodity Purchasing
      • Ingredient Sampling
      • PowerLIne Beef Genetics

Schedule a consultation with one of our advisors to see how Suther’s services and programs can impact your business.