Features & Benefits

  • Formulated with quality ingredients for optimal intake and nutrient absorption
  • Complimentary product delivery (1 ton minimum)
  • Exceptional customer service and high quality product standards 
  • Complimentary onsite and experienced nutritional consultation and service 

Mineral Supplementation

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Protein Supplementation

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We offer a full line of cooked tubs. These include both Protein and Mineral tubs. Intakes will vary based on the formulation. Suthers Solutions products including Palisade, 20G and Security are featured in many of our tubs. This gives the convenience of feeding a tub with benefits of our field proven products. For more information or custom formulations call (800) 633-4138.

Pressed Blocks

We offer a full line of pressed blocks. Protein and Mineral formulations are available. Palisade is included in most of our pressed blocks. For more information or custom formulations call (800) 633-4138.


We offer our distillers-based Power Cube and traditional 28% Cubes. For more information call (800) 633-4138.

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livestock nutrition and onsite consultation.

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