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  • Suthers Solutions believes in providing practical and cost-effective technologies that address real world production issues so that producers can produce wholesome, healthy animals that perform profitably.
  • We believe in Suthers Solutions for industry wide sustainability through livestock enrichment, producer profitability, and consumer acceptance.
  • Our beliefs are borne out in the development, testing and implementation of the Suthers Solutions products for more than 20 years.
  • Suthers Solutions is committed to identifying obstacles encountered by producers in order to create opportunities for their success.
  • Repeated application/utilization of Suthers Solutions products verifies our customers success.
  • We believe our success is directly tied to your success.
  • We listen to our customers concerning the production challenges they face.
  • We critically evaluate the issues and recommend solutions to overcome the challenge.
  • Suthers Solutions continuously strives to understand and implement new technologies that are beneficial to our customers success.
  • We critically evaluate various new technologies and narrow our focus to products that enhance animal wellbeing and performance thereby benefitting producers and consumers.


Suthers Solutions Security is a proprietary blend of essential oils selected for vasodilation, antioxidant and nutraceutical properties that has shown increased water intake, increased frequency of meals and reduced digestive upsets. Research has shown improved conception rates, milk production and health and consistent feed intake in cattle. Feed Suthers Solutions Security during times of environmental stress (cold or heat), during breeding, weaning and in receiving rations to increase blood flow and stimulate feed intake. Suthers Solutions Security is available in meal form and can be added to custom mineral formulas or fed through micro machines or top dressed to complete feeds.

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Security EF

Suthers Solutions Security EF is a combination product containing binders, probiotics, and essential oils designed to counteract the effects of fescue toxicosis in beef cattle such as, fescue foot, rough hair coat, standing in ponds, standing in shade, and low conception rates. Research has shown positive results in as little as 15 days of feeding Suthers Solutions Security EF. Suthers Solutions Security EF is available in meal form and can be added to custom mineral formulas.

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Omega Balancer

Omega Balancer is a high EPA/DHA calcium salts form of omega-3s that is ruminally protected to reach targeted tissues for optimal absorption. Research proven improvement of conception rates, health and immune status, and percent cows bred when utilizing Suthers Solutions Omega Balancer program for heifers, cows, bulls, and calves. Omega Balancer is available in tub or meal form and can be added to minerals, protein supplements and/or grain mixes to achieve a diet balanced in fatty acids.

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Suthers Solutions LS201 is a heat-stable probiotic consisting of a combination of Bacillus licheniformis and Bacillus subtilis. These strains of bacteria have been shown to directly influence nutrient digestibility and decrease the burden of pathogens, as well as survive high temperatures and other harsh conditions during feed processing and within the gastrointestinal tract.

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10G and 20G

Suthers Solutions 10G and 20G are proprietary blends of concentrated Garlic Extracts and other Allium compounds specifically formulated to enhance the flavor of animal feed while acting as an insect repelling agent. These blends have been developed for the feed Industry, featuring a consistent particle size that flows effectively in feed manufacturing.

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Suthers Solutions QC is a proprietary blend of Tannins, Saponins and Essential Oils developed to take advantage of the natural defense mechanisms plants. QC serves as a natural growth promoter while also improving nutrient utilization. Rumen bacterial populations are shifted to more desirable species by QC. Protein and starch are bound by rumen insoluble bonds that are degraded in the abomasum allowing for more bypass protein and starch. These modes of action improve nutrient utilization.
Suthers Solutions QC are manufactured at Suthers facility in Frankfort, Kansas.

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