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Suther’s 454TM is a proprietary blend of essential oils selected for vasodilation, anti-oxidant and nutraceutical properties that has shown increased water intake, increased frequency of meals and reduced digestive upsets. Research has shown improved conception rates, milk production and health and consistent feed intake in cattle on 454TM. Feed Suther’s 454TM during times of environmental stress (cold or heat), during breeding, weaning and in receiving rations to increase blood flow and stimulate feed intake. Suther’s 454TM is available in meal form and can be added to custom mineral formulas or fed through micro machines or top dressed to complete feeds.

Species: Cattle, Dairy Cattle, Swine, Turkey and Deer.

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Suther’s AP-5 is a combination product containing Suther’s 454TM, binders, probiotics, and essential oils designed to counteract the effects of fescue toxicosis in beef cattle such as, fescue foot, rough hair coat, standing in ponds, standing in shade, and low conception rates. Research has shown positive results in as little as 15 days of feeding AP-5. Suther’s AP-5 is available in meal form and can be added to custom mineral formulas.

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Omega Balancer

Omega balancer is a high EPA/DHA calcium salts form of omega-3s that is ruminally protected to reach targeted tissues for optimal absorption. Research proven improvement of conception rates, health and immune status, and percent cows bred when utilizing Suther Feed’s Omega Balancer program for heifers, cows, bulls, and calves. Omega balancer is available in tub or meal form and can be added to minerals, protein supplements and/or grain mixes to achieve a diet balanced in fatty acids. 

Feed Recommendations: Receiving Calves: First 28 days on feed; Cows, Heifers, & Mature Bulls: 60 days before and 60 days after conception and flushing; Developing Bulls: Throughout bull development & 60 days prior to service.

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Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold is a fat supplement to add condition, bloom and freshness to your animal's physical appearance. Liquid Gold is designed to increase the caloric density and palatability of feed product and enhanced with Vitamin E and preservatives. Liquid Gold is an ideal fat supplement for: Horses, Swine, Cattle, Sheep and Goats

Feeding Directions: Liquid Gold should be fed to provide 2 to 3 ounces per head per day. One pump from this gallon package supplies approximately one ounce. Place on top of feed for individualized feeding or easily mixes with ground feeds. Feeding level may be adjusted to increase effects of additional fat.

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